Music for a Hindu Wedding

I am doing this wedding this weekend and I need to find some music for it. I guess that I forgot to mention that I am a DJ. I play at a lot of weddings, because they are good paying and all of that sort of thing. But I am playing a Hindu wedding in the near future, and I am going to need to get my hands on the Djmaza collection as I hear it has good music for this type of thing.

I hope it is not too expensive. I wish they would give me a little bit of money towards going to paying for the music that is going to be played at the wedding. But at the same time, I suppose that they do pay me enough money that I can’t really complain about having to paying for some music to play.

I will make back my money and then some. And besides, maybe I will have the chance to use this music again at another wedding at some point in the future. Who knows if that will really happen, but it is certainly possible. I wish that I could preview this music before i pay for it. That would help me out a bit.

I guess it is going to be kind of difficult to tell which songs I should be playing, when I am not really familiar with the music. That will be a bit of a challenge when it comes to playing this gig. But I am just going to wing it, and do my best. As long as I do a decent job, I will get paid. So I expect that I will be able to pull that off, even if I am no table to do a great job at the wedding.

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When I Decided to Go Pro, I Decided to Buy SoundCloud Downloads

I play guitar for fun. I took a few lessons, but I never really pursued formal learning beyond that. I wrote a couple of tunes using tablature. Then I put words to the melodies. The songs had nice hooks and people were really liking them. I posted videos I made with my cellphone online and got a lot of views. I was wondering if I might have a chance at making some money at this, so I made a SoundCloud account. Then I decided to buy SoundCloud downloads. I knew this was how you convinced the website your stuff was popular enough for them to promote it. The promotion the site gives you is worth a whole lot more than what you could ever accomplish on your own. Continue reading

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Step Up from the Amateurs by Using Pro New York Recording Studios

You can tell people how good you can sing or play an instrument. You can describe your music until the cows come home, and people will not truly get it until they hear the proof. You can invite industry professionals out to hear you play in your small gig. Do you think they will come? Maybe. maybe not. You can even try to wow them with your homemade CD. Does that really ever work? Or you can save up some money and choose from the best of the New York recording studios and cut your demo CD. There is a world of difference between what a professional sound engineer can do in a big studio versus what your cousin can do with his laptop.

You know how they say in business you need to dress for the job you want? Well the same goes for getting your foot in the door of the music industry you are trying to get into. Continue reading

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Working out As a Road Manager

Jamplay Guitar ChordsOf course I would rather it if I were still out on stage with my guitar, but that is not how it is. A couple of months ago I was doing a bit of studio work as an engineer and working as a sound man for this girl I know who does small shows around the metro area. I was occasionally giving guitar lessons in london and that sort of thing. It was hardly as though I was destitute, between all of the stuff I was doing I was making pretty good money. However a friend of mine has a band that is sort of taking off. They have some original music and they are sort of on the razor’s edge right now.

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Where Music and Software Meet

Dubstep Wallpaper by GreenFreezeWith so much independent software being developed by individuals in order to create tools to help them with their hobbies, you can find nearly any type of software for your own personal hobby. Recently, I’ve been exploring creating music on the side just for fun but I was surprised to see just how many free programs are out there right now. While that can mean they’re not the best quality they do give you a basic understanding of what paid-for programs are going to be like. I found this dubturbo review while browsing for something to use, since I can’t quite afford anything like FL Studio or Ableton right now, but cheap examples like Dubturbo are definitely worth taking a look at (freedubstepmusic.

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Cheap Music Lessons Near Calgary

My son is 10 years old, and he really wants to start taking piano lessons, but I am not sure how that much typically costs, and whether or not I would actually be able to fit into my budget. I hope that I can, for his sake. I do not have any musical ability myself, so I would not want to keep him from develop his own talents, if he is actually blessed with some. Anyway, I am looking for music lessons in calgary right now, and I am going to try to focus on finding music lessons that are available for fairly cheap prices.

I am not sure what the most is that I would be able to afford to spend for these lessons for my son, but I want him to go to lessons on a weekly basis. As such, it seems pretty likely that I would have to pay for the lessons on a weekly basis as well. Continue reading

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Guitar Lessons from Mark Marshall

I want to learn how to play guitar in the near future, and I am hoping to learn from someone who is very skilled at guitar, because that seems like it might be a way to learn quicker than I would otherwise. I am not sure if that will end up being the case, but I would still like to give it a shot. I am in New York City right now, and I am thinking about hiring guitarist mark marshall for my guitar lessons, because I know that he is a quite a good guitarist, but I will need to do some more thinking about the subject, before I am actually comfortable with making a final decision.

I want to figure ot how much his guitar lessons cost, because that will help me to figure out how many lessons I will be able to afford over the long run.

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Free Downloads for Bearshare Media Sharing Program

I want to get a program that will let me share music with other people on the Internet, and right now, I am looking into getting bareshare, as long as I can find a copy of it for free. As such, I am performing a web search at the moment to locate sites that have a bearshare free download link on them. It would be nice if it did not take me too long to find what I am looking for, because I have other things I need to get done today. Downloading some music is just the first thing on my list of things to accomplish.

I have not used bearshare in quite awhile, so I am going to be interested to see what it is like now. I hope that there are a lot of people on it who are sharing music. More importantly, I hope that they are sharing the music that I like the most. I have a few artists on a list that I am trying to look for in particular.

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Learning How to Sing Like a Pop Star

I am only 10 years old right now, but I sing pretty well and a lot of people like my voice. I sing at church and at school, some times I sing at parties, but not for money. However I would like to make a living doing it and perhaps become rich and famous like Justin Timberlake. So I have decided to find some convenient place to take singing lessons in melbourne. It has to be some place close to where I live and go to school though. I am only ten, so my parents are not going to lend me the car and they are not going to want to take me across the city even once or twice per week. Since we live on the edge of the city it seems as though it could be something of a problem. Of course I am going to need to find something which is fairly reasonably priced.

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Choosing Music for a Party

If you are planning a party for the first time you may be feeling a little bit stressed about all of the details that are involved. To start with, you are definitely going to want to make sure that you have a good variety of music to play. Depending on the crowd of people that will be invited to your party you might want to check out this website or another to get some ideas on popular music to play.

If you are going to be inviting a crowd of young people that are interested in pop music you definitely cannot go wrong playing some of Justin Timberlake’s songs. Some of his most famous singles such as “SexyBack” and “My Love” are perfect for parties.

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